IMS Releases Upgrade of IMS CharacterGenerator Studio

Interactive Multimedia Solutions, a provider of voice-to-animation software solutions for the multimedia and animation markets, announced the availability of an upgrade from version 1.0 to version 1.2 of the IMS CharacterGenerator Studio animation tool-Xtra product for Director MX from Macromedia. IMS CharacterGenerator Studio version 1.2 is available to multimedia developers that want to incorporate the use of interactive talking animated characters. "The feature upgrades we have incorporated into the IMS CharacterGenerator Studio product provides our customers increased functionality, and allows them to do more with the characters they animate," said Donovan Moxey, Ph.D., founder & CEO of IMS. "This product is easy to use, and allows Director users to now incorporate and use talking characters in ways they never could before." In total, 14 new features or improvements have been included in the upgrade of the IMS CharacterGenerator Studio product. Some of these new features in version 1.2 of the product are include: Batch audio processing in the Tool Xtra; Automatic creation of project folder structure from the Tool Xtra to prevent script errors when testing from the local drive; immediate playback of audio with no preloading of the IMS data required (threaded processing); audio file queuing; better support for Streaming Shockwave Audio; and smaller core library. "IMS3D opens the entire new dimension for 3D integration in Director, this product simply rocks and I have never seen such a transparency of 3D modeling in Director, said Rana Snehal, Multimedia Programmer/Analyst for J.S. Paluch Company. "It is what Director was missing for years and developers have been missing this for ages." The IMS CharacterGenerator Studio product is currently available at an introductory price of USD $449 per copy.

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