Nexidia Releases NEXminer Enterprise 4.0 for Audio Mining and Speech Analytics

DALLAS - Nexidia announced the availability of its NEXminer Enterprise 4.0 product.  The browser-based solution delivers enterprise audio search capability with audio indexed at 40 times real-time. 

NEXminer Enterprise 4.0 features include:

  • NEXminer Enterprise uses an open-systems vocabulary retrieval system that can conduct searches against large collections of recorded speech.  Additionally, its phonetics-based engine does not require extensive training or large dictionaries.
  • The Investigation Tools available with NEXminer Enterprise allow users to view large volumes of search results in order to monitor key metrics, identify anomalies that require investigation, track trends, correlate results to support root cause analysis, and drill down to specific audio.  Results can also be exported to external systems, providing users access through a variety of other applications.
  • NEXminer Enterprise can be used for specific term or phrase searches, as well as rules-based queries. 
  • The NEXminer Enterprise solution is designed on an open systems framework and can be deployed on various platforms and servers
  • NEXminer currently supports the following languages: North American English, Latin American Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Modern Standard Arabic, Gulf Standard Arabic, Farsi and Iraqi.
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