Galanz and Digiweigh Products Powered by Sensory Chip

CHICAGO - Galanz, manufacturer of microwave ovens, has a new product line featuring voice recognition provided by Sensory, a supplier of embedded speech technology for consumer electronics. A speech-enabled microwave offers preprogrammed settings for common foods, and also allows custom settings that can be memorized and recalled with a spoken command. Galanz speech-enabled products are being marketed under their own name as well as under the Sylvania brand.

Digiweigh uses speech for a bathroom scale. A first scale that speaks your weight and also understands your voice, it provides feedback like "I am a body scale, not a loading dock!" In addition, the scale will track a user's previous weight, average weight, and target weight for up to three family members. The design and weight-sensing electronics are provided by Digiweigh, and the ability to listen and chat is based Sensory's RSC-4128. Sensory also provides speech technologies for HVAC, lighting, audio-visual, and other voice control functions in the home.


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