GotVoice Debuts Voice Messaging Service

KIRKLAND, Wash. - GotVoice, a voice messaging company, launched its free voice messaging service, enabling consumers to manage their mobile, home, and work voice messages from a single location online. GotVoice provides consumers the ability to see who has left a voicemail and listen to those messages in any order. GotVoice voice messaging service allows consumers to visually take control of their voicemail without requiring a new number, a forwarded call, or text messaging services. GotVoice also leaves messages on the original voicemail system.

GotVoice works with all major cell phone carriers, residential lines including those offered by cable and VoIP providers, and corporate voicemail systems -- with no carrier or work-place involvement. Whether users opt to receive voicemail via email or at their personal GotVoice Web page, GotVoice enables them to send, receive, create, and store all of their voice messages. There is no software to install and consumers don't need a phone to access messages.

GotVoice combines options ranging from silent deliveries and unlimited archiving to access from anywhere in the world. With GotVoice, users can send a voice message to any phone on all major phone networks without the recipient's phone ringing. Consumers can forward or broadcast messages to multiple people.

GotVoice Highlights:

  • GotVoice checks multiple voicemail boxes, such as home, mobile, and work boxes, up to 24 times a day, then delivers messages to a user's email or makes them accessible at the user's personal GotVoice Web page. Consumers can also create and send messages using their PC or phone.
  • GotVoice allows users to send, receive, and create voice messages without the need for a phone. Users can create messages with their voice or use a text-to-speech feature.
  • GotVoice gives users the option of sending voice messages without causing the recipients phone to ring.
  • GotVoice can record a message using your PC or phone, and distribute.
  • GotVoice enables creation of personalized greetings and outgoing messages.
  • GotVoice allows users to create messages by recording their voice over their own music.


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