Grundig Business Systems Introduces Special Dictation Microphone

Grundig Business Systems launched the DigtaSonic xMic, a digital dictation microphone designed for added comfort during longer dictation sessions. The DigtaSonic xMic includes a tracker ball control with mouse buttons and supports the new DSSPro standard.

Following a detailed ergonomic study, the microphone was deliberately designed with a tall, slim look to enable users to keep their hand low and supported rather than having to constantly lift the device up to speak. Together with the extra-wide slide switch for easy one-handed operation, the DigtaSonic xMic is geared towards enabling users to speak for longer without discomfort or strain. Users can continue using the mouse while at their PC, as the microphone includes an integrated ‘Track Point’ tracker ball control with two mouse buttons on the rear.

The microphone can be precisely tailored to individual needs using the AdapterServer tool. This enables users to assign up to 22 PC controls or dictation controls to the slide switch positions and function keys. The DigtaSonic xMic is the latest model from Grundig Business Systems to enable users to benefit from digital dictation technology. Speech files are effortlessly transferred to the PC via the USB cable, while the integrated sound card and high-grade speakers make for superior quality audio recording and play-back. The DigtaSoft PC software allows for the easy integration of desktop devices and the creation of a seamless, professional digital dictation network: completed dictations are transferred automatically to the nominated typist, thus accelerating the workflow.

The device will take a plug-in RFID or barcode reader, making the allocation of dictations to existing files safer and quicker—particularly important in data-sensitive environments. It also supports the new DSSPro standard and has achieved ‘four Dragon’ certification for its use in voice recognition systems. In addition, DSSPro offers enhanced security features, for example voice data is encrypted during recording.

The DigtaSonic xMic is available in two packages, either with the DigtaSoft or the DigtaSoftPro software. The first kit is recommended for users with smaller networks, as it includes the microphone and the DigtaSoft software for managing up to ten users, while the DigtaSoft Pro kit is ideal for larger networks and power users, allowing for central administration of the PC workstations. The DigtaSonic xMic can also be ordered as a ‘Classic’ version without mouse and scan functions.

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