MedApps Implements Angel.com IVR Application

MedApps, a provider of remote patient monitoring systems, has implemented an enterprise-level interactive voice response (IVR) and intelligent call routing solution from Angel.com.

In conjunction with MedApps FDA-cleared wireless medical devices, the Angel.com IVR system will help MedApps implement its "Healthcare Anywhere" ubiquitous healthcare solution for patients managing chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

The backbone of the MedApps "Healthcare Anywhere" system is a series of remote patient monitoring devices that collect and transmit daily readings to MedApps servers for storage and review by healthcare professionals. If a reading occurs outside of a pre-set threshold, an alert is triggered through the Angel.com IVR solution, and the patient will receive a call. The IVR then prompts the patient for additional information (such as asking Have you exercised today?), and enters the information into the MedApps system. If the patient’s healthcare is at risk, the call will then be routed to the appropriate healthcare professional.

"The Angel.com IVR system is essential to the success of the MedApps "Healthcare Anywhere" system," said MedApps President and CEO Kent Dicks. "Our application requires substantial call menu and routing changes on a near-daily basis depending on the needs of patients and healthcare providers. While some enterprise-level call management systems take weeks to implement, we were able perform the initial setup of the Angel.com IVR system in a single weekend. The Web-based interface also allows MedApps personnel and healthcare professionals to make critical changes from anywhere."

"Healthcare companies with life saving applications such as MedApps require an IVR solution that is easy to implement, manage, and update or change on a moment’s notice," said Michael Zirngibl, president and CEO of Angel.com. "The flexible Angel.com application enables organizations of all kinds to respond to changing business and customer needs, as they happen."

The initial launch of the MedApps System will begin with the FDA cleared D-PAL to monitor diabetes, followed by H-PAL (scale and blood pressure monitor) for congestive heart failure (CHF), A-PAL (spirometer) for asthma and COPD, T-PAL for tremor and Parkinson’s disease and BlueMICS for communication with implantable devices (pacemakers, defibrillators, loop recorders, etc.).

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