Urban Outfitters Outfits Its Call Centers

Clothing retailer Urban Outfitters, which owns the Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People brands, announced today its selection of Callfinity to provide solutions for call recording, reporting, and quality management within its contact centers.

Callfinity’s Context Call Center Suite, offered through on-premises hardware and hosted back-end services, gives Urban Outfitters a multimodal ACD platform to route inbound calls, emails, faxes, and chat sessions. It also provides a modular IVR system to automate assistance and Web support, and a voice and screen recording system for quality management and training. Callfinity’s CRM suite is engineered specifically for contact centers and an outbound dialer module provides predictive and automatic dialing abilities.

"We have implemented their Quality Monitoring application because it increases our ability to evaluate and improve our customer service interactions within the Direct Contact Center," said Bryan Whitney, director of call center operations at Urban Outfitters, in a statement."  It is augmented by Callfinity's Business Intelligence solution, which assists us in identifying the root causes that prompt customer inquiries. With this detailed information we continue to focus on enhancing the customer experience, while reducing operating cost."

This implementation highlights the growing importance enterprises place on customer satisfaction within contact centers.  Callfinity’s solution should better streamline customer service by consolidating previously disparate forms of communication.  

"We're proud to be working with Urban Outfitters," said Jeff Valentine, president and CEO of Callfinity, in a statement. "Their commitment to customer satisfaction matches well with the capabilities of our recording, evaluation, and reporting modules."

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