Conferencing Goes Hi-Def

Global IP Solutions (GIPS) earlier this week released a new, high-definition videoconferencing engine that includes not only improved video but also improved speech and audio capabilities. It is reportedly the first software-based multiparty conferencing solution to offer HD video.

"High-definition technology promises to make video conferencing more practical and effective. But, to date, this sort of quality has only been available in high-end, hardware-based systems, and the costs are prohibitive to all but large enterprises," Roar Hagen, GIPS’ chief technology officer, said in a statement.

The new software solution supports both GIPS VoiceEngine Multimedia, for two-way communications, and GIPS ConferenceEngine Multimedia, supporting multiparty communications.

The new solutions feature GIPS’ key frame optimization technology, which significantly lowers processing power demand, allowing users to run other applications at the same time. Other features include improved voice processing technology with echo cancellation and noise suppression, improved lip-synching to ensure more natural conversation, and more seamless and intuitive recording.

RADVISION, a provider of products and technologies for unified visual communications over IP, 3G and IMS networks, will integrate GIPS' VoiceEngine  products to provide the media processing for a portfolio of products for the development of client premises equipment (CPE). By doing so, RADVISION hopes to create a complete one-stop solution for high-quality VoIP solutions and across-the-board connectivity—from desktops to 3G mobile network—and provide a complete enabling technology framework covering call control, signaling, and media processing in a unified package.

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