Intervoice Launches Full Multichannel Contact Portal

Intervoice yesterday announced the availability of the Intervoice Contact Portal, which unifies the functionalities of its Intervoice Voice Portal (IVP), IP Contact Center (IPCC), and Advanced Notification Gateway (ANG).  

With Contact Portal customers can choose between phone, email, SMS, or Web chat, and between self-service or live agent. Intervoice's built-in computer telephony integration and screen pop capabilities marry the customer's profile with the data collected during the session. All of the information is routed with the contact throughout the entire session.

Leveraging the Intervoice Unified Services Platform, Contact Portal is switch-independent and integrates with existing and future phone systems, giving enterprises the ability to implement contact center solutions without having to replace their existing infrastructure. This environment also improves automation, call completion, and agent efficiencies and lowers acquisition and operating costs. Companies can choose to implement any of the three Contact Portal components individually or the entire solution as a fully integrated multichannel system.

"Some vendors get stuck evaluating customer experiences within a single siloed application such as self-service or agent-assisted operations. The reality is that customer experience often takes place across multiple applications, as chosen by the customer, and companies need to be prepared to respond appropriately," explained Ken Landoline, program manager at Yankee Group. "Intervoice has redefined the dynamic customer experience with Contact Portal. It is a unique end-to-end contact center solution that starts with the customer. Unlike traditional telephony-based systems that focus on agents or expert resource productivity, the components of the Contact Portal are primarily focused on offering customers convenience and choice to maximize their experience."

The release of Intervoice Contact Portal coincides with a new version of the company’s Voice Portal, (IVP 5), which Intervoice also released May 22. IVP 5 contains a number of new features, including Multi-Channel Outbound Notification via SMS, email, and voice alerts that provide real-time notification of time-sensitive account events, emergencies, and transactions. IVP 5 supports Recognizer 9 and RealSpeak 4.5 from Nuance Communications and IBM’s Websphere Voice Server with Speaker Verification.

For small to midsize companies that are concerned about server footprint, rack space, and data center overhead, Intervoice has developed a single server all-in-one version of IVP 5. This configuration offers customers the opportunity to consolidate IVR functionality into a single server increasing the opportunity to lower deployment and operational costs.

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