ClickFox Partners with Greenplum

ClickFox partnered and completed integration with Greenplum Software, the provider of Enterprise Data Cloud solutions for data warehousing and analytics.

According to Anna Convery, CMO at ClickFox, the deal was the result of two initiatives: requests by customers and prospects to provide massive scalability and ClickFox’s research and development strategy to expand technology and solutions by the integration of best-of-breed solutions.

“[Our customers] will now have access to a solution that can scale rapidly to accommodate their customer experience analytics requirements,” Convery writes in an email to Speech Technology. “Many of our customers are adding millions of interactions to their analysis and the ability to quickly and affordably accommodate their expansion needs means that we can deliver a time-to-insight unparalleled in the market”

ClickFox’s customer experience analytics (CEA) software is directly integrated into Greenplum’s massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture, which drives backend data warehousing services for companies. The ClickFox data architecture is optimized to easily port across the Greenplum system to process data transactions for rapid, actionable insight into the reasons behind customer issues.

“We’re pleased to be chosen by ClickFox as a strategic technology partner,” Bill Cook, CEO of Greenplum, said in a statement. “Customer experience analytics is a high-growth market with leading companies across the globe prioritizing the need to understand, manage, and improve their customer experience. Companies can now leverage our high performance platform via ClickFox, the market leader, which has proven the benefits of CEA across multiple industries.”

“GreenPlum and ClickFox continue to partner on exploring technology innovation and are working on expanding  opportunities for both organizations with our customers and partners,” Convery adds.

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