Me2me Partners with MeMeMe to Power Web and Voice Applications

MeMeMe, a speech-to-text (STT) transcription provider, and me2me AG, a provider of Web and voice services, are teaming up to deliver automated voice-to-SMS services.

With the partnership, MeMeMe will power me2me applications with its natural language STT recognition platform, and me2me will distribute MeMeMe services in Europe.

According to Peter Marshall, CEO of MeMeMe, the company had been in discussions with me2me for several months in an attempt to identify the best business opportunities and timing. 

“Other speech recognition services do a good job handling recognition of short lists, like calling someone in your contact list, but get bad results when the customer can say anything at all, like dictating an SMS message,” Marshall writes in an email to Speech Technology.

Marshall adds: “Me2me's executive team [members] are all seasoned speech professionals, so they knew that tuning the recognition for the individual customer was the right approach, and contacted us shortly after we launched our platform. As a unit of Swisscom, me2me is in a unique position to help us scale across Europe and to bring other voice-enabled services to market, so the partnership is very beneficial to both parties.”

Me2me combines Web with voice recognition technology to provide users with the ability to store information in me2me accounts—users call the service and their spoken information is converted to text. Stored information can be accessed by telephone or the Internet. The company also enables users to search the Web via voice and receive search results as a text message.

Me2me leveraged MeMeMe’s speech recognition to integrate voice-to-SMS into its offering, allowing users to dictate messages that are transcribed into text and sent to chosen recipients.

“MeMeMe's speech recognition adjusts to the individual customer, making it dramatically more accurate and satisfactory for them than any speaker-independent system,” Marshall writes. “After a few minutes of use, MeMeMe will typically make [five to 10 times] fewer errors than other systems. MeMeMe's recognition runs on powerful servers optimized for speech recognition in a highly scalable and reliable utility computing infrastructure—so it's fast and accurate every time and available anywhere, on any device.”

Peter Hauser, CEO of me2me, said in a statement that the company is dedicated to making customers' lives easer via voice driven applications.

“That is why we have added this voice-to-SMS service to our personal productivity suite and MeMeMe, being the best on the market, was the obvious partner,” he added.

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