Verint Extends Customer Interaction Analytics Portfolio with Sentiment and Text Analytics Software

Verint Systems today announced the expansion of its Customer Interaction Analytics portfolio with the addition of its new Impact 360 Text Analytics solution. This new offering, which features text and sentiment analysis and natural language processing technologies from Clarabridge, helps organizations gain a unified view of customer service experiences and opinions across both direct and indirect customer communications channels.

Impact 360 Text Analytics mines customer interactions and feedback across multichannel customer communications, including email messages, Web chat sessions, blogs, review sites, social media, and other text-based channels. When combined with other data gathered from voice communications, the actionable intelligence provides a complete picture that helps bring customer concerns to light before they become viral across the Web and social media channels.

Among some of the other capabilities that make up the Verint Customer Interaction Analytics portfolio are:

  • Customer Behavior Indicators, which serve as an early-warning system and proactively analyze unstructured voice and text data for keywords and phrases; and 
  • Customer Interaction Summary, which provides a historical view of the interactions a customer has had with the respective company across its text and speech channels.

“Speech analytics continues to be a big growth area for us,” says Daniel Ziv, vice president of customer interaction analytics and business interaction intelligence at Verint, who said the company began exploring the text analytics area because so much buzz is surrounding social media these days. “The buzz about social media is helping companies realize that they need to listen to the voice of the customer,” he says.

But the full voice-of-the-customer experience means listening across all the channels, including calls to agents, the IVR, the Web, social media, email, chat, etc., Ziv explains.

The complete Customer Interaction Analytics portfolio, including both speech and text analytics, combines to link all interactions across channels and provide early warnings of trends through all the channels so that companies can take swift action, Ziv says.

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