Agnitio Wins the World Final of the Global Security Challenge

Voice biometrics technology provider Agnitio has won the final of the Global Security Challenge (GSC) contest in London. The GSC offers a $500,000 prize to the most innovative security startups and small businesses. Supported by the U.S. Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) and industry giant BAE Systems, GSC attracted more than 200 companies from 30 countries with unique technologies and great disruptive potential.

To reach this level in the competition, Agnitio went through three selection processes, including two rounds of presentations to international juries at the regional and global levels. The final jury chose Agnitio, which is based in Spain, along with five other security companies from the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, and New Zealand. Agnitio presented its unique applications of voice biometrics ranging from military deployments to forensic precision. Applications for strong authentication and fraud detection using natural conversations and match-on-device mobile solutions were also presented.

"This is a great recognition for Agnitio's team. With this award the jury also recognizes the power of voice biometrics as a technology that enables unique capabilities in the security space," said Emilio Martinez, CEO of Agnitio. "The jury was impressed by the critical problems that a real voice biometric technology can solve, as opposed to the weak versions known today. With this award, voice biometric technology reaches maturity in the security space."

Agnitio's portfolio of products addresses a wide range of government and corporate applications and is currently deployed in more than 25 countries. It can perform text-independent voice verification in any language and across different voice channels.

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