Phantom Data Services Releases Voice Scrambler

Phantom Data Services has released Phantom I/O 2.2, a real-time voice scrambler app with integrated voice changer, pitch shifter, voice scrambler, and descrambler features.

Adam Peters, owner of the company, says the product is largely a consumer app for "playing around with audio signals," but it can be used by businesses to scramble confidential voice communications. He warns, however, that "it's more for privacy than true encryption."

It's not for companies that want or need really powerful security of their voice communications, he says. 

Still, a growing commercial use is in the recording industry, which can benefit from the pitch- and voice-altering and voice modulation effects, according to Peters.

This $4.99 Android app is designed for professional-grade voice processing. Its design gives the user much more flexibility in how the app is used and connected to downstream equipment.

There is no recording and playback necessary. Phantom I/O acts an an in-line processor. It transforms the audio from the microphone in real time and sends the processed audio directly to the headphone jack. From there, the signal can be sent to a phone line adapter or other audio equipment.

Phantom I/O 2.2 improves upon the advanced DSP algorithms introduced in prior versions, and provides the highest quality audio while minimizing processing delay. Version 2.2 also adds a menu of common scrambler frequencies, making the app fully compatible with nearly all band-inversion scrambling hardware.

Phantom I/O 2.2 is available for download from the Google Play Store.

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