Sensory Announces a TrulyHandsfree User Experience between Bluetooth Accessories and Connected Devices

Sensory, a provider of speech technologies for consumer electronics, has released its TrulyHandsfree Voice Control 3.0 solution for Bluetooth devices. When coupled with TrulyHandsfree Voice Control 3.0 on smartphones or computers, this new release enables an integrated and seamless voice user experience when moving from a Bluetooth device interface to a handset or computer interface.

Earlier this year Sensory introduced several features in version 3.0 of TrulyHandsfree Voice Control, including the following:

  • Trigger to search capability;
  • Ultra-low-power deeply embedded implementations;
  • User-defined triggers and passphrases; and
  • Embedded speaker verification and identification targeting small-footprint clients.

Sensory has now implemented TrulyHandsfree technology in the BlueGenie solution for Bluetooth products and extended the same compelling always listening experience in smartphone releases from major vendors. Further, the computer or handset and Bluetooth product can share the enrolled user-defined wakeup trigger, as well as the seamless handoff of following speech for computer or handset commands, or cloud-based search.  This gives the user one unified speech recognition experience, whether using the handset/computer or a Bluetooth headset. The user is no longer required to have unique interface setups for every device.

For example, the user could say "Hello Blue Genie, check battery" to hear the battery level of the headset, or "Hello Blue Genie, music player" to control a voice-enabled music player, or "Hello Blue Genie, what time is it in Tokyo?" to check the time in Japan. The actions are performed using the appropriate resources in the headset, handset, or cloud for the request issued in a transparent and responsive manner.

"Sensory's fully integrated user experience is the ultimate expression of a TrulyHandsfree Voice User Interface. It's what users intuitively expect from their mobile and desktop computing products," said Bill Teasley, Sensory's vice president of engineering, in a statement. "This seamless experience sets the standard for wearable computing, and avoids the need for pausing or waiting to complete commands."

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