Service Creation and Management Solutions

Can Mobile and IVR Coexist?

Customer interaction technologies should support one another, not compete.

It's a Persona, Not a Personality

In IVR design, it should be about finding the right voice, not the right character.

Enterprise Strategy: Success on All Levels

When implementing a speech solution, everyone needs to be on the same page

Advanced Analytics Offer Greater Precision

The latest technology goes beyond simple audio mining for words and phrases.

Industry Voices

Why Physicians Dislike Speech Recognition and EHRs

Unhappily Ever After

A fable about the limits of expertise

Grammatically Speaking

Setting the standard for determining what a caller wants

Updating the Standard for Spoken Dialogues

VoiceXML 3.0 should be out by the end of this year.

Speech Technology Reports and Research

Improving Speech Recognition Accuracy in Consumer Devices

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Six must-have components for an ideal IVR system

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Learn How to Automate your Business with Voice Technology

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Why Voice is the New User Experience

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