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July/August 2008

Magazine Features

Good Enough for the G-Men

Audio search and mining has its roots in the intelligence community, but the corporate world is where it will really flourish.

This Time, It's Personal

What you can do to make your system more customer-friendly.


On the Road to Success

Phone self-service puts Volkswagen Financial customers in control of their money 24/7.

Outfitted for Change

Call recording helps an apparel retailer see call drivers across multiple brands and locations.


Editor's Letter

Speech Becomes Even More Pervasive

Forward Thinking

Lines of Communication

Effective communication with end users can stop problems before they arise.

Industry View

Lessons from the Blogosphere

For better user interactions, the speech world could learn from Twitter.

Inside Outsourcing

How to Deliver a Successful Multichannel Customer Experience

Factors to consider in placing automation in the right place for customers.


Intuiting Design

Listen to your gut, but back it up with user data.

Voice Value

The Case for Easy Speech: Metaphor Solutions and Planet Payment

Quick, simple, and secure is the winning formula for retail IVRs.


A Framework for Multimodal Apps

W3C drafts the standard in multimodal architectures.

Speech Solutions

Automated Customer Surveys

Enterprises need to get customer input to optimize their interactive voice response (IVR) systems and contact centers. But what services are out there to go about collecting that data?


Finally, I Speak to iPhone

New applications bring speech to Apple's iPhone, but mobile search captures the most attention.


Under-the-radar speech news.

Speech Fills the Docket

Since mid-May, the courts have decided a number of high-profile patent disputes between speech technology vendors, while many more cases have been filed or still await a decision.

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