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May/June 2010

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On the Move

Speech sets its sights on emerging Eastern European markets.

When in Rome...

To successfully launch a speech system in Italy—or any other part of Europe—translations should be done at the local level.

Will Multimodal Kill the Speech Star?

The technologies will likely merge rather than compete.


AthletiCo Stretches Its Speech Installation

The physical therapy provider expands its dictation solution to include front-end speech recognition.

Delivering the Intangibles

A call recording and monitoring solution brings out the best in agents and managers.


Editor's Letter

It's a Multimodal, Multilingual World

Forward Thinking

Getting to an SIV Module for VoiceXML

The draft standard is out there; now let's provide the feedback.

Industry View

Hey, You Kids! Get Off My Lawn!

Discussions of CCXML lead to a battle of the ages.

Inside Outsourcing

Should You Shore Up Your Resources Through Offshoring?

Some job titles are better outsourced overseas than others.


The Guitar and the Case of Opportunity Lost

New game brings out a speech technology wish list.

Talking Tech

TTS Finds Global Media

With new markets come new uses for the technology.

Voice Value

Shame On You, Authors Guild

The facts don't match the claims in the Kindle TTS debate.


Accessibility in Voice and Multimodal Applications

Multimodal interfaces can make or break the user experience.

Speech Solutions

Talking Dictionaries


Are Consumers More Responsive to Male or Female Voices?

A new survey reveals customer sentiment in advertising messages.

Gartner Rebuilds Its Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure

Avaya now holds nearly half of the total market share.


Under-the-radar speech news.


Can the market identify with voice biometrics?

YouTube Expands Video Transcription Option for All

Businesses can benefit from an expanded audience base.

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