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July/August 2010

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The 2010 Market Leaders

Market Leaders: Speech Engine

Market Leaders: Speech Self-Service Suite

Market Leaders: Speech Analytics

Market Leaders: Speech Security

Market Leaders: Professional Services

Market Leaders: Mobile Voice Search

The 2010 Speech Luminaries

Speech Luminary: Dictation Everywhere

Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager of Nuance Communications' Dragon product line.

Speech Luminary: Powerful Friends

Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet, product managers of Google Voice.

Speech Luminaries: From Recognition to Understanding

Michael Finke, CEO and founder of M*Modal

Speech Luminaries: Answering the Call

Torsten Brand, 1963-2010

The 2010 Star Performers

Star Performer: Google

Expansion mania hits

Star Performer: Volt Delta

Speech is the ticket

Star Performer: Oddcast

Better with baby talk

Star Performer: BBN Technologies

A multimedia mogul

The 2010 Implementation Awards

Implementation Award: Elavon

Implementation Award: Pinnacle Security

Implementation Award: Salt River Project

Implementation Award: Vodafone Turkey


Editor's Letter

Focusing on Value Keeps the Industry Viable

The Business Case

It's Time to Do WFM Right

Vendors and customers need to work together to make the right improvements.

Forward Thinking

Adding a Voice to Tweets

Social media can incorporate voice to better engage users.

Inside Outsourcing

Security on Demand

Making voice authentication better for everyone involved.


What Usability Testing Can't Tell Us

And when's the best time to get it done.

A View from AVIOS

Why We Don't Have HAL 9000...Yet

Speech is still a tool, and should be treated as such.

Voice Value

Speech, Not Silence, Is Golden

Personal eyewear is a product destined to move fast.

Speech Solutions

Digital Voice Recorders


A Glimpse of What's to Come

Students develop speech apps as part of a new engineering class at MIT.

Accelerating the Value of In-Car Speech Systems

Problems with the technology linger despite the heightened demand

On the Scene: Speech TEK Europe 2010 — Speech Technologies Will Change the Web of the Future

Many new technologies will be available in two to five years, keynoter predicts.

Want to Be Multilingual? There's an App for That

Cellictica releases a speech-to-speech translation application for the iPhone.

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