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September/October 2010

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Coming into Focus

Companies are starting to realize what focus groups can provide, how to make the most of their feedback, and why the future of IVR design could depend on what they say.

Speech in the Path of the Storm

Mass-messaging systems help communities prepare for hurricane season.

Why Tap When You Can Talk

How vlingo designed an effective multimodal interface for mobile devices.


Speaking Local

Speech-enabled software is revitalizing Native American languages.

Weathering the Storm

A call center solution helps a credit union improve member services, increase reliability, and support future growth.


Editor's Letter

Mobile: Is There an Enterprise App for That?

Forward Thinking

Sharpening a Cloudy Vision

Clarifying definitions depends on users' perspectives.

Industry View

The $10,000 Briefcase

Most devices from a few years ago are already obsolete.

Inside Outsourcing

Segmenting Demographics

Speech can't be your only means of talking to customers.


To Usability Test...Or Not?

Sometimes conditions exist that can send tests awry.

Talking Tech

Demystifying PaaS: The Value Proposition

Taking advantage of scalability and support puts the focus on customer experiences.

Voice Value

Speech Can Help Integrate the Disabled

The technology exists to allow the disabled to live independently.


Standards Need a New Pair of Eyes

Now is the time to revisit and update some of the early voice standards.

Speech Solutions

Voice-Enabled Bluetooth in-Car Speakerphones


Author Urges Attendees to Design Speech Apps with Feeling

Journalist Emily Yellin's opening keynote brought home the need to consider users when designing an IVR.

Global Market for UC Projected to Reach $16.8 Billion by 2015

A new report predicts continued growth after two years of almost inactivity.

Is Natural Language Right for You?

Speakers urge caution when choosing to roll out a natural language app.

Keynoter: Natural Language Processing Has Huge Potential

A university professor calls NLP the wave of the future in speech.

Microsoft Continues Its Pledge to Speech

Lunchtime panelists stay the course toward speech as the natural user interface.

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