Speech Technology eWeekly - September 08, 2010


Coming into Focus

Companies are starting to realize what focus groups can provide, how to make the most of their feedback, and why the future of IVR design could depend on what they say.

Speech Technology News

New Application from Hamilton CapTel Allows BlackBerry Users to Read Calls

The application will be helpful to the hearing impaired.

EBSCO Publishing Extends TTS to School and Public Library Databases

New feature includes Texthelp Systems' SpeechStream toolbar to support reading and comprehension.

Hamilton Relay Selected to Provide Captioned Telephone Services in Tennessee

The company now provides captioned telephone services in 18 states and the District of Columbia.

Pronexus Makes Its IVR Toolkit Free, Launches VBVoice 7

The move eliminates barriers to entry for IVR developers.

Ifbyphone Provides New Call Tracking Capabilities

New SourceTrak suite of solutions includes call routing, call recording, voice dialogues, and more.

TCN Releases SoftPhone for Call Centers

TCN's offers a full Virtual Call Center suite of products without the need to purchase a phone or engage a telco provider

PocketBook Showcases Five New Devices with SVOX TTS Technology

New e-Readers' speech technology brings increased productivity, convenience and accessibility to e-books


Standards Need a New Pair of Eyes

Now is the time to revisit and update some of the early voice standards.