Speech Technology eWeekly - August 08, 2006


Raging Against the Machine

Customer frustrations with automated phone systems abound, but easy-to-use systems that provide customers with the option to speak with live reps can help build loyalty and enhance the brand.>

Q & A

Laurent Philonenko, Vice President and General Manager, Cisco System's customer contact business unit.

Speech Technology Magazine sat down with Laurent Philonenko, vice president and general manager of Cisco's customer contact business unit, to discuss the company's acquisition of Audium and its newly combined offerings.

Amit Desai, Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Voxify

Speech Technology Magazine sat down with Amit Desai to discuss the benefits of hosted services and how that fits into Voxify's offerings.

Speech Technology News

General Voice Receives Patent Grant

General Voice was granted patent Number 704719 from the US Patent and Trademark office.

MTI Releases Its "Top Five Ways to Keep Your Company Name Off Paul English's IVR Cheat Sheet"

ATLANTA — Message Technologies, Inc. (MTI) released its "Top Five Ways to Keep Your Company Name Off Paul English's IVR Cheat Sheet."

Intervoice and Datria Deliver New Automated Field Service Operations Solution

NEW YORK — Intervoice, Inc. released a new field service automation practice based on speech technology from Intervoice Global Services.

Envox Worldwide Introduces Envox CT Connect Gateway for Cisco CallManager

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — Envox Worldwide released Envox CT Connect Gateway for Cisco CallManager, an extension to the Envox CT Connect product line.

Angel.com Selects Newfound to Power Ad-hoc Call Recording for the Angel Call Analyzer

NEW YORK - Angel.com selected the Newfound Communications, Inc. IP Call Recorder product for the Angel.com's Call Analyzer feature.

Aculab to Release Prosody X CompactPCI to General Availability

MILTON KEYNES, U.K. - Aculab plans to release the Prosody X CompactPCI (cPCI) card to general availability, following recent evaluation trials.

pulse Partners With Solvware to Introduce Speech-enabled Solution

pulse and Solvware entered into a partnership to provide speech-enabled solutions for accessing Microsoft Office Outlook 2000 and up based on the Microsoft Speech Server 2004 R2 platform. >

Inference Partners with DemandVoice

Inference Communications will partner with US hosting provider, DemandVoice to offer their tools to the US and global markets.>

Parlance Selects VoIP Gateway Software from Paraxip for Connectivity of Its Speech System

Parlance selected Paraxip Technologies as its supplier of media gateway software for its ConnectorVi architecture.

GM Voices Unveils "Voice Branding in America" as an Audio Book

ATLANTA - GM Voices, Inc. unveiled "Voice Branding in America" written and read by CEO Marcus Graham, in MP3 format and on CDROM.

Loquendo Releases Loquendo TTS Multimedia Package and Voice Creator

TURIN, Italy - Loquendo released Loquendo TTS in four packages: Loquendo TTS Multimedia, Loquendo TTS Multimedia Compact, Loquendo TTS Telephony and Loquendo TTS Embedded.>

Empirix Launches Managed Service That Evaluates Speech Applications for Contact Centers

NEW YORK - Empirix launched a managed testing service that evaluates the performance of speech applications used by contact centers.

Build What They Want - Success Stories in the Automotive Market

Attendees are invited to meet SVOX CEO Volker Jantzen after his talk "Success Stories in the Automotive Market" at SpeechTEK 2006 Conference Session - Consumer Electronics & MM: In-Car Computing in New York City on August 8, 2006 at 2:00 p.m.>

Genesys Predicts Speech Software and Voice Portals Outpacing Proprietary IVRs for First Time in 2006

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories predicts that new voice portals will exceed new IVR ports for the first time in 2006.

Aculab Releases New Version of Prosody S

MILTON KEYNES, U.K. - Aculab released software version 2.1 for Prosody S, its host media processing software. Aculab will be exhibiting on booth 409 at SpeechTEK 2006.>