Speech Technology eWeekly - January 17, 2018


Voice Biometrics Should Be Part of a Larger Strategy, Experts Contend

Blending biometrics with other security methods can help prevent contact centers from fraud, Speech Technology webinar participants contend.

Speech Technology News

Voice Assistants to Revolutionize Commerce, Research Finds

User spending via voice assistants is expected to grow as much as six times in three years, Capgemini reported recently.

Elektrobit to Expand In-Car Uses of Alexa

Elektrobit is among the first Amazon Alexa automotive software integrators.

AccuWeather Launches Google Assistant App

Users can access forecasts using natural, conversational language with the AccuWeather Voice App through Google Assistant.

Sensory Partners with Plotagon to Launch Animation Solution

New software with life-like voices lets anyone become a one-person movie studio.

Nuance Partners with ROOBO

Nuance and ROOBO will deliver fully optimized audio solutions for smart speakers, robotics, and IoT devices.

Speech in Cars Primed for Huge Growth

The automotive voice recognition market is estimated at $941 million today and will grow at a CAGR of 19.4%.

Rubidium Powers Voice-Triggered Headphones with Alexa Interface

Rubidium's software enables an always-on voice user interface.