Speech Technology eWeekly - May 06, 2020


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Editor's Letter

There’s Tech for the Tough Spots

Businesses are now realizing that websites, online content, and product information need to be crafted in new ways so voice-based search engines not only recognize them but position them at the top of search results.

Speech Technology News

Outreach Introduces Outreach Kaia, a Voice-Enabled Sales Assistant

Outreach Kaia transcribes meeting and uses artificial intelligence to help sales reps with follow-up. (Featured on DestinationCRM.com.)

Crockpot Enables Voice-Based Cooking

Crockpot has launched an Alexa-compatible slow cooker that can be programmed with voice commands.

Rev.com Launches Free Live Captions for Educators

Rev offers free access to its speech recognition engine to support online learning accessibility and comprehension.

Saykara Launches AI Voice Assistant Kara

The Kara AI voice assistant integrates with Zoom for telehealth and provides complete documentation of sessions.

Industry Voices

Solutions that are the Critical Lifeline of Insight Especially in Time of Rapid Change

Harnessing the Power of our Next Generation Voice Solutions

Transforming Customer Interactions with Conversational Insight