Speech Technology eWeekly - April 28, 2021

Speech Technology News

Constant Companion Partners with Canary Speech to Help Diagnose Behavioral Health Trends

Constant Companion and Canary Speech study to explore how voice and AI technologies can detect conditions such as anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer's.

ClearCaptions Increases Call Captioning Speed and Accuracy

ClearCaptions receives FCC certification to Incorporate speech recognition.

AppTek Expands Workbench Data Labeling and Annotation Platform

Platform enhancements automate and accelerate the production of speech, audio, text, natural language, image, and computer vision data.

Sonatic Creates Shouting TTS

Sonatic's text-to-speech voices can now shout when needed.

DSP Concepts Adds TalkTogether to Audio Weaver

DSP Concepts' TalkTogether brings human-to-human communications to voice solutions.

Voices Expands Audio Advertising Capabilities

Voices is expanding its sonic branding capabilities with partnerships in programmatic advertising.

SoundHound Expands Houndify Voice AI to 22 Languages

SoundHound's voice AI platform is now available in the world's most popular languages.


Speech Emotion Recognition: The Next Step in the User Experience

Enhancing speech technology's emotional quotient will do wonders for human-machine interactions. The first in a two-part series.

Industry Voices

5 Tips for Designing, Building, and Marketing Your First Voice Technology Experience

Ideas to help companies get started and maximize their investments in voice technologies.