Safe at Home with Speech

Ksensia Security, an Italian company that specializes in the design and production of anti-intrusion systems, will collaborate with Loquendo, using its TTS (text-to-speech) engine.

Because of the collaboration, Ksenia installers will be able to write text messages for programming software on the anti-intrusion control panels in the ‘lare’s series’ as well in the ‘gemino’ GSM/GPRS communicator series. Using Loquendo’s synthetic speech, the texts will be automatically converted into spoken messages. Users can select a language and voice from the various options.

"We're excited about this agreement with Loquendo, who are known in the speech technology sector for the excellence of their products and solutions,"  Raffaele Di Crosta, president and CEO of Ksenia Security, said in a statement. "It's thanks to this that we're able to offer professional solutions for our voice announcement systems to all selected Ksenia installers, with a choice of male of female voices. Furthermore, the TTS software will be made available in any of over 30 languages, so significantly extending our reach internationally."

According to Alessandro Martino, Loquendo’s vice president of sales for Italy and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Loquendo’s TTS solution will help save installers time because alarm communication devices and control panels can reproduce up to four different voice messages, and up to 200 different messages.

“Instead of recording them manually one by one with the installer’s or the end-user’s voice, thanks to the Loquendo TTS and 'basis' software platform, they can now adopt a sort of template programming for a typical installation simply by writing them down one time only and copy and paste for all next installations,” Martino says, “ In fact, the TTS software will convert all the text messages into voice ( female or male) in the language desired among 30 currently available languages . This enables them to reduce their installation time and to offer to end-users a really unique high-quality solution.”

He also added that certified installers could easily download the platform easily and that it is compatible with most popular operating systems. “they can have access to a very professional solution with a competitive license price model. This for unlimited time and for all Ksenia Installations desired,” he asserts.

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