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The automotive sector is one of the fastest growing areas for speech-enabled devices. Companies that provide systems allowing drivers and passengers to use voice commands to access entertainment and services within a vehicle are growing quickly. See below for the latest speech-enabled automotive technology news, trends, and solutions.


2023 Speech Industry Award Winner: SoundHound AI Brings Speech Breakthroughs to the Mainstream

SoundHound AI, based in Santa Clara, Calif., this year launched, among other things, Chat AI, a voice-enabled digital assistant with generative artificial intelligence; and Smart Answering, which uses voice AI to handle inbound customer calls.

2023 Vertical Markets Spotlight: A Speech Technology Special Report

Our roundup of the speech innovation taking place in eight important industry verticals.

2023 State of the Speech Technology Industry

The latest developments and trends in seven important sectors.

The Top Speech Technologies and Vendors: The 2022 Speech Industry Awards

Advances in AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and more fueled speech industry progress in the past year.

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: ReadSpeaker Customizes TTS Voice Development

ReadSpeaker, a Dutch company founded in 1999, has operated as a subsidiary of HOYA since 2017. It provides text-to-speech solutions with more than 110 voices in more than 35 languages, but its most significant work has been in the area of customized voice creation.

2022 Speech Industry Award Winner: SoundHound Has Driving Ambitions for Speech

SoundHound, an audio and speech recognition company founded in 2005, has advanced as one of the top providers of in-car voice systems, elevating the automotive voice experience from a legacy command-and-control interface to more intuitive conversational functionalities for drivers and passengers.

The 2022 State of Artificial Intelligence

Accuracy improves, but privacy concerns loom.

2021 Speech Industry Award Winner: ReadSpeaker Gives a New Voice to TTS

ReadSpeaker has been leading the way in text-to-speech (TTS) for more than two decades, delivering high-quality, lifelike voices for artificial intelligence-driven conversational applications, interactive voice response systems, and embedded applications.

Speech Technology Inches Closer to the Edge

An emerging computing paradigm, edge computing, promises to improve response time, lower costs, and enhance security, but the ecosystem is immature.

The State of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

IVA vendors shift from a horizontal to a vertical focus

Star Performer: Apple Is More Siri-ous

Star Performers: Nuance Advances Enterprise and Consumer Efforts

Do In-Car Voice-Enabled Devices Distract Drivers?

Speech industry experts question a recent AAA study that says eyes-free, hands-free technologies are not safe on the road.

Convenience Drives the Speech Technology Market

New SVOX research in the United Kingdom finds that text-to-speech and speech recognition offer convenience and safety benefits.

Want to Listen to the Beatles? Just Ask for the “Fab Four”

Gracenote provides a solution for music search in the MyFord Touch.

Voice on the Go Takes Voice on the Road

New application lets drivers listen to and respond to messages without ever looking at their phone.

Competition Heats Up

But delivering functional voice search services will take time and effort.

Golden Words

While Michael Phelps was making history in the pool, TTS was making sure people heard about it.

Clarkston Chrysler Jeep Rolls out a New Line for Speech

With a global workforce of 384,723 employees, Daimler-Chrysler sold approximately 4,006,700 passenger cars and 712,200 commercial vehicles in 2004. At year's end of 2004, Chrysler's total revenue reached $67 billion. Keeping these numbers in mind, it is not surprising that Chrysler has a five star requirement for its sales and services providers around the globe. However, it is a little surprising to find that this large corporate parent company allows its individual dealerships the freedom…