Aspect and Nexidia Team Up

Customer contact provider Aspect is partnering with Nexidia to integrate Nexidia's speech analytics applications with Aspect's unified interaction management and workforce optimization solution.

Nexidia Evaluate will be integrated with Aspect's workforce optimization platform to enable rapid ad-hoc searches of audio in large volumes. By gaining insight into holistic customer-agent dialogue, Aspect customers can focus their efforts on the most relevant customer inquiries on specific issues or initiatives and easily identify and resolve problem areas.

The addition of Nexidia Evaluate functionality also expands the potential for speech analytics in the back office and across the enterprise. Customers will be able to do the following:

  • track performance at site, team, and agent levels based on the goals and thresholds they have set, such as handle time, empathy, regulatory compliance, upsell attempts, and more;
  • listen to relevant calls without extensive search time and use 100 percent of the recording rather than random sampling;
  • leverage the insight from the Evaluate functionality to correlate quality and performance with business results to see the direct effects of agent evaluation and targeted coaching on customer retention, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line; and
  • support non-English languages for truly global customization.

"There's a lot of insight that you can get from speech analytics around behavior, agent performance, agent compliance with goals that you've set, all of these things that you can get from the broader conversation," says Serge Hyppolite, vice president of product management at Aspect. "We're taking the Nexidia technology and integrating it with our quality management solution so that we can provide that level of performance in the evaluation of agents and also extending that with our performance management solution to drive improvement in business processes based on the insight that we’ve gathered from the Nexidia Evaluate product."

Aspect also plans to integrate Nexidia Scan, which captures and analyzes dialogue in real time, with its Aspect Unified IP solution. This integration can streamline work flow and enable more intelligent decisions during customer interactions. The integrated solution will also support the intelligent routing and flow of information throughout an organization. With the Aspect Unified IP platform capabilities, this intelligence can integrate with CRM systems and knowledge bases to provide agents with real-time alerts and screen prompts that could do the following:

  • identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities faster to improve business's conversion rates;
  •  flag potential fraud to minimize risk; and
  • alert agents to potential defectors to improve retention rates.

"You can perform conversations that have occurred, recordings, and you can also provide that insight from conversations as they are happening, live conversations between the agent and the caller," Hyppolite says. "That insight can be used to do things like change behavior. For instance, if you're seeing customers dissatisfaction, you can also trigger other business processes, such as getting a manager or supervisor into a conversation."

Nexidia said it is also excited about the partnership. "The fit between Aspect's and Nexidia's products and strategies and the approach to the customers is really very close," says Larry Skowronek, vice president of product management at Nexidia. "We have just what they need and, in fact, there are pieces that we didn't have that Aspect has, and there's very little overlap. We're very excited to work with Aspect on real-time scanning and integrating that into unified IP for Aspect's and our customers. We're really looking forward to that."

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