Nexidia Unveils Interaction Analytics

Nexidia has announced the release of Nexidia Interaction Analytics software for the contact center. Also released were Nexidia Advanced Interaction Analytics for the healthcare, communications, financial services, and technology fields.

Central to the Nexidia Interactions Analytics release are new multichannel searching capabilities across speech and text interactions, dynamic reporting on key metrics, and a new intuitive user interface.

"The big thing that's new about this product is that it's multichannel, meaning that instead of just processing phone calls, we're also looking at other types of text interactions, such as chats, surveys, social media, and emails," says Jon Ezrine, Nexidia senior vice president and COO. "We found that there are customers who are doing analysis that span across multiple touch points. Instead of being a speech analytics provider, we see ourselves as a customer interaction analysis vendor."

Nexidia solutions allow contact centers to capture, synthesize, and disperse the business intelligence locked inside the different types of interactions with customers. Companies can now make sense of this unstructured data and deliver it to the organization in the form of dynamic metrics and dashboards, complete with drill-down access to actual customer interactions.

"In addition to analyzing our phone calls, we recently began to analyze other interaction channels with Nexidia, specifically Web chat," said John Bowden, senior vice president, Enterprise Customer Care, at Time Warner Cable. "We are excited about Nexidia's multichannel offering because we believe it will give us a more comprehensive view of our customer interactions."

Key features of Nexidia Interaction Analytics include:

Multichannel Search: An extension of Nexidia's analytics technology to enable rapid search and understanding of key phrases and topics across large bodies of speech, chat, survey, and email interactions. This provides a holistic view of customer interactions across the company for robust analytics and service optimization.

Query Builder: Offers the ability to save specific search criteria for future use. Now important search terms and phrases can be saved, easily reused when needed, and used to define the key performance indicators and metrics necessary to manage strategic improvements.

Dynamic Reports: New dynamic reporting using standard and user-definable metrics, such as customer sentiment and satisfaction, sales effectiveness, and profitability, are easily accessible. This puts the most important, up-to-date information easily within reach for daily management.

New User Interface: An updated user interface provides an intuitive and easy-to- use product for people in all roles, from senior managers to frontline supervisors.

Additionally, Nexidia is rolling out Advanced Interaction Analytics solutions, initially designed for the healthcare, communications, financial services, and technology sectors. The advanced solution offers:

Executive Dashboards: Additional dynamic dashboards and reporting on key performance indicators that specifically meet the needs of senior management teams. Executive Dashboards are customized to provide visibility of performance against main corporate objectives.

Deep Dive Analysis: Advanced Interaction Analytics provides additional capabilities for discovering trends and offering more in-depth root-cause analysis.

Managed Analytics Services: Nexidia offers optional Managed Analytics Services to help companies quickly get started with the analysis of customer interactions. The services team can either partner with an internal analytics team to provide additional support, or fully manage the interaction analytics program for companies that do not have internal resources readily available. The team can be engaged for a short term to get the customer up and running, or for continuous ongoing support.

"Today's customer seeks service through all sorts of interaction channels, not just voice. That puts the onus on contact centers to delve through immense sources of information to understand what drives interactions," notes Keith Dawson, Ovum's principal analyst for customer interaction. "By adding multichannel analysis to the Interaction Analytics platform, Nexidia is helping usher in a new era in care: one where there are fewer silos and greater contextual awareness of what customers need."

Nexidia Interaction Analytics solutions will be available in the third quarter.

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