Nexidia Releases New OnDemand Program

Nexidia has unveiled its new hosted interaction analytics solution, Analytics OnDemand, for contact centers in the small-to-medium–sized market.

"One of the questions we've been asking ourselves is how can we make it easy for any call center regardless of size to be able to do high-level interaction analytics, and the answer is that it's got to be easier for them to get started," says Jon Ezrine, Nexidia senior vice president and COO.

"There needs to be a requirement for fewer services and less money and time having to be spent on putting together the infrastructure and that told us two things: We needed a hosted solution that would make it very easy for companies to fully get started, and we needed to have ways of minimizing the amount of services that were needed."

The new Analytics OnDemand program ensures a low cost of entry in order for companies to prove their business case before making a more significant investment. Start-up costs begin at $20,000, which includes setup in a secure hosted environment and data extraction of interactions. The cost of ongoing monthly service starts at $50 per agent per month, with a minimum of $5,000 per month, for a one-year contract. This provides an ongoing annual cost starting at $60,000, with the flexibility to increase or decrease volume as business needs change. Also included in the program is online, instructor-led training to help companies easily get up to speed with Interaction Analytics.

"We think at these price points and its ease, …[the program] is going to allow analytics to become mainstream for the first time," Ezrine says.

Nexidia analyzes 100 percent of customer phone calls, e-mails, chats, or surveys, identifying critical areas for improvement that are used to enact change in business processes and agent performance. The advantage of a hosted analytics solution is that it provides quicker implementations, lower total cost of ownership, and a faster return on investment when compared to traditional on-premises deployments, according to Nexidia.

"With the announcement of Analytics OnDemand, Nexidia addresses three important industry needs," says Paul Stockford, chief analyst at Saddletree Research. "First, Nexidia has appreciably reduced the cost of implementing interaction analytics in the contact center, making it affordable for the underserved small-to-medium–sized enterprise. Second, the speed of implementation of Nexidia Analytics OnDemand will translate to a rapid return on investment for contact centers of all sizes. Third, providing a secure hosted environment negates lingering concerns over the safety of customer data. The combined impact of these three attributes has the potential to significantly impact interaction analytics and the contact center industry in the future."

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