CEVA Updates Its TeakLite 4 Digital Signal Processing Platform

CEVA, a licensor of digital signal processing and IP platforms, has introduced a silicon-based DSP development platform to accelerate the deployment of smart and connected devices.

The platform is built around a power-optimized CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP and subsystem implemented in silicon through a collaboration with SMIC. Running at 500 MHz, the DSP lets designers add smart and connected capabilities, including always-on sensing, local processing, intelligence, and connectivity, to many devices. The platform also provides real-time power measurement that allows developers to optimize and power-tune their DSP software.

"Developing diverse IoT applications for the mobile, wearable, and smarthome markets requires highly integrated development platforms that combine sensing, processing, and connectivity capabilities," said Moshe Sheier, director of strategic marketing at CEVA, in a statement. "The smart and connected CEVA-TeakLite-4 based development platform offers our customers and partners all the essential building blocks they require to prototype products where low-power signal processing is key to performance and functionality."

The CEVA Smart and Connected Development Platform incorporates the following elements:

  • DSP development chip: 500MHz CEVA-TeakLite-4 and subsystem of integrated peripherals;
  • Host CPU: Linux running on-board ARM Cortex-A9 for complete CPU + DSP system prototyping;
  • Connectivity: multiple wireless technologies available from CEVA and its partners, including Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and GNSS;
  • Peripherals and interfaces: including on-board digital microphones, I2C I/F for sensors, audio CODEC with digital and analog audio in/outs, USB, UART, PCIe, and Ethernet ports, user configurable FPGA, GPIOs, DDR memory, SD card, and LCD display;
  • Arduino connectors and drivers: allows Arduino Shields to be connected to the board, leveraging a massive ecosystem of Arduino-related products;
  • CEVA's Android Multimedia Framework (AMF) for offloading Android tasks from CPU to DSP to enhance always-on functionality and long audio playback time; and
  • RTOS and DSP libraries: multitasking RTOS and a DSP library to jumpstart system design

In addition, CEVA and its broad ecosystem of partners offer audio, voice, and sensing software and applications that are fully optimized for the CEVA-TeakLite-4 DSP, including Sensory's always-on voice activation and speech recognition, NXP Software's multi-microphone noise reduction, Cypher's neural network-based voice isolation technology, Cywee Motion sensor-fusion algorithms, and more than 100 other software functions.

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