Nimblevox Taps VoiceVault for Voice Verification Services

Nimblevox, a provider of flexible cloud communications services such as voice applications, SMS campaigns, and telephony, and VoiceVault announced that VoiceVault's voice verification services are now a feature of Nimblevox's cloud communications offerings.

The partnership brings Nimblevox global customers greater power to create secure, speech-enabled applications, the companies said. The integration of VoiceVault's voice biometric verification with Nimblevox's hosted IVR, Automatic Speech Recognition, Text to Speech, and SMS solution enables organizations to deliver secure voice and telephony applications that streamline their operations.

"Nimblevox is pleased to partner with VoiceVault," said Ed McKee, director of marketing at Nimblevox, in a statement. "We have a long history of providing IVR solutions and voice applications for enterprises and organizations worldwide. And now, with VoiceVault's technology, we can provide those organizations the added security necessary to protect their sensitive information via voice biometrics and voice verification."

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