Wireless Bluetooth Headset Comes with New Speech Technologies

BlueAnt Wireless, a company that produces Bluetooth and other peripheral devices, released a speech-enabled BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset, which the company asserts will also have better sound performance.

The device will use a feature the company calls Wind Armour Technology and will integrate text-to-speech, allowing users to access news, weather, sports, and more by interfacing with Microsoft’s Bing 411. This expansion of speech in the phone will also enable users to configure their devices. Users cans, for example, say “answer” or “ignore” to control incoming calls. Using Q2, a user can also use a caller announce feature that reads  the names of incoming callers aloud.

To reduce noise, BlueAnt says the Wind Armour technology will also reduce wind noise up to 22 miles per hour. Dual microphones will be used to make calls clearer.

“The BlueAnt Q2 is the ideal companion for today’s smartphones with unparalleled features, design, and sound quality,” says David Hogan, CEO of BlueAnt Wireless. “BlueAnt has been gaining strong global momentum with our award-winning products, and now we are poised for even greater growth. With BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooh headset, ‘hearing is believing.”

The BlueAnt Q2 also supports a free dowloadable Android app which enables any Android 2.0+ handset to play text messages. Furthermore, BlueAnt has also developed a partnership with Vlingo to make its SafeReader application compatible for hearing both text and email messages on BlackBerry smartphones. The headset also includes the ability to stream music, podcasts, and GPS directions, and to use more than one mobile phone simultaneously and switch between calls.

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