Chorus.ai Expands Ecosystem of Sales Technology

Chorus.ai, a Conversation Intelligence Platform for high-growth sales teams, announced key integrations with HubSpot, Amazon Connect, and ShoreTel Web Dialer.

Sales leaders use Chorus.ai’s technology to uncover what’s happening in the deal, understand pivotal moments in the exchange and leverage data to increase team performance. When only 5% of information on customer-facing calls ever make it into the CRM, according to Chorus research, the platform’s extensive integrations deliver a seamless transition of critical insights from all sales interactions.

According to the Global CRM Software Market Report, the CRM industry is currently experiencing rapid growth, with market size estimated to reach $35 billion by 2023. HubSpot is the number one ranked CRM according to G2, and was head of the leader’s quadrant based on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CRM’s.

Now, any HubSpot CRM user can:

  • Analyze their conversations in the backdrop of deal data, which can be seen in every recording
  • Run a more effective one-on-one with sales reps and review the top deals
  • Analyze sales forecasts more effectively through the Chorus Deal View

Chorus.ai also provides new integrations with Amazon Connect and ShoreTel Web Dialer, increasing its total to more than 30 integrations with outbound dialers and video conferencing solutions. Any calls made using Amazon Connect and ShoreTel Web Dialer can now be recorded, transcribed, and analyzed using Chorus's proprietary, AI-based platform. This helps outbound teams understand what works or doesn't in their cold calling sequences, scripts, talk tracks, and qualification questions. It also helps them understand the prospect better and speak in the voice of the customer.

According to Chorus’s rising number of G2 customer reviews, the platform’s ability to integrate with an organization’s chosen CRM allows professionals to focus on the important part of selling: the prospect. By offering a robust ecosystem of sales technology, Chorus.ai is finding new ways to offer what customers want—meeting them in the solutions they are already using.

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