SyncWords Launches AI Live Dubbing

SyncWords, a provider of live captioning and subtitling, itodaqy launched AI Live Dubbing in early access for virtual and hybrid meetings. The patent-pending application translates speakers into multiple languages in real time.

AI Live Dubbing combines artificial intelligence, automation, and cloud-based delivery to create a live dubbing solution that supports up to 40 languages. With AI Live Dubbing, new languages can be introduced up to the last minute.

Event planners can deliver audio dubs in several ways, including in-player, on-platform, stand-alone page, or via custom QR codes for mobile delivery.

With aggressive language scalability, SyncWords allows users to deliver regional accents like Canadian French and Belgian. Instant voice adaptation makes both female and male voice variations possible. SyncWords integrates seamlessly with more than 40 hosting virtual event platforms and allows instant language switching using a drop-down menu.

"We believe that Live Dubbing in 40 languages is a revolutionary innovation and changes how companies and video streamers communicate, enabling them to reach audiences several times larger than their current market. This will enable them to increase their revenue and outreach in a significant way, both affordably and conveniently," said Ashish Shah, CEO and co-founder of SyncWords, in a statement.

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