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The entertainment and gaming sectors, along with toys and robotics, are a growth space for speech technologies. Check below for news on companies providing applications and technology for videogame developers, toy manufacturers, or other creative professionals who are using advanced speech technologies to bring toys, games, and robots to life.


2021 Speech Industry Award Winner: ReadSpeaker Gives a New Voice to TTS

ReadSpeaker has been leading the way in text-to-speech (TTS) for more than two decades, delivering high-quality, lifelike voices for artificial intelligence-driven conversational applications, interactive voice response systems, and embedded applications.

2021 Speech Industry Award Winner: SoundHound Feeds the Voice-Enabled Drive-Through

Speech technology has started to transform drive-through and drive-in interactions for quick-service restaurant chains, and Santa Clara, Calif.-based SoundHound is at the forefront of that innovation.

The Challenges of Monetizing Speech Applications

Speech applications are hot, but still provide more value than revenue. We talk to the experts about how to monetize your speech apps, and how value might be just as important as revenue.

Voice Market for Children Is Ripe for Innovation

Children are exposed to technology at early ages, and voice recognition is emerging as a common way for adults to interact with technology. Yet little work has been done with children's voice recognition systems

Speech Technology in the Field: Case Studies in Speech Recognition, AI, IVR, Chatbots, and more

As part of this year's Speech Industry Awards issue, we wanted to give some attention to the many innovative uses of speech technology—and, more broadly, artificial intelligence (AI)—we've seen throughout the year in almost every industry vertical. Read on to find out more about just a few of the implementations that caught our eye in 2018.

Are Events the Next Frontier for Chatbots?

Whether fielding routine questions or helping establish an event's tone, chatbots can be a big part of humanizing and improving the event experience

How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

Keeping up with the changing whims of search engines has always been a sisyphean task, but now a new obstacle has been tossed into the always evolving SEO mix: voice search. There is some good news, however, for brands and marketing agencies look to optimize content for voice search. Much of what they need to do to optimize content for voice search is simply to hone in on many of the same rules they have used to achieve SEO success in the past.

Jibo is Finally Ready to Roll 

After a number of delays that slowed production by more than a year, Jibo has finally begun shipping its eponymous interactive, voice-enabled family robot.

On SpeechTEK's Third Day, Hollywood Challenges the Industry

Pop culture has been both a help and a hindrance to the perception of the speech industry, panelists contend.

AT&T Launches U-verse Voice-Enabled Remote App

Latest U-verse enabled app includes gesture and voice controls.

Spansion Unveils Voice-Enabled Electronics with Human Interface Coprocessor

Leverages Nuance technology to improve voice applications

Apple’s New Patent Points To 3D Display, Voice Tech Systems

A new patent application covers the use of speech for providing user feedback.

The 2011 Star Performers

Xbox 360 Brings Voice Searches to TV

New offering combines Micrososft's Xbox and Bing technologies to let users request content by voice.

Guile 3D Studio Introduces Denise, the Virtual Assistant

This system combines computer graphics, artificial intelligence, voice recognition and other advanced technologies to perform a variety of tasks.

Speak With Me Introduces Music App Built on Natural Language

VoiceDJ allows users to control their music libraries entirely with their voices.

Nuance Releases a Gaming Speech Command Set

Gamers can use voice commands to play PC games; the software comes with standard Dragon Dictation.

Broadspeak Releases a Speech-to-Speech Travel App for Android Phones

The company says the unique user interface will make communicating easier.

Now That's Entertainment

Speech is helping the entertainment industry rebound from the bad economy.

The Gift of Speech

Just in time for the holidays, consumer devices and applications are finding business uses.