Nuance Expands Dragon Drive to Car's Passengers

Nuance Communications' Dragon Drive artificial intelligence (AI) platform for the connected car now features expanded conversational and cognitive capabilities that allow both drivers and passengers to ask for navigation, music, content, and other in-car features just by speaking. Dragon Drive is also expanding car-to-home and home-to-car interoperability by allowing automakers to create their own customized in-car infotainment features that can talk to and control smart home systems and applications.

Dragon Drive can interact with passengers in each seat through a combination of its signal enhancement and acoustics innovation with voice-biometrics, ambient wake-up, hybrid embedded-cloud speech recognition and natural language understanding, and text-to-speech. Dragon Drive's entire stack is powered by Nuance's machine learning and contextual reasoning.

Dragon Drive is also advancing the vision for car-to-home and home-to-car interoperability with a flexible platform that allows the automotive assistant to integrate with third-party apps and services, such as lighting, security and other smart home hub services.

"Giving automakers the ability to integrate a central, customized automotive assistant is essential for two reasons. First, today's connected cars have so many rich content apps and services that everyone should have seamless access to as part of the in-car experience. Second, an intelligent automotive assistant is critical for the driver's trust in a semi-autonomous vehicle, and that trust will be essential for the adoption of autonomous driving," said Arnd Weil, senior vice president and general manager of Nuance Automotive, in a statement. "These industry trends combined with consumer demand for access to the services and apps as part of their everyday life are what make Dragon Drive an incredibly unique solution for automakers, giving them the ability to deliver an intuitive and intelligent automotive assistant."

Dragon Drive powers more than 160 million cars on the road today across more than 40 languages.

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