Roberto Pieraccini Leaves SpeechCycle

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SpeechCycle Chief Technology Officer Roberto Pieraccini has left the company and is now director of ICSI, the International Computer Science Institute.

ICSI is an independent research center affiliated with the University of California at Berkeley. ICSI carries out advanced academic research in the fields of Internet networking and security, speech, computer vision, artificial intelligence, algorithms, bioinformatics, and computer architectures.

"As a director, my main job is to run ICSI as a research institution, and help it grow both from the perspective of international and industrial partnerships," Pieraccini says. "ICSI has one of the most advanced research groups in speech research, led by Professor Nelson Morgan, former director, and now deputy director. I will continue to devote some time to speech research as my personal scientific and technological interest."

"After six years of leadership at SpeechCycle, Roberto has moved on to head up the largest R&D lab in the country," says Scott Kolman, senior vice president of marketing at SpeechCycle. "Roberto, however, remains on SpeechCycle's advisory board in a strategic advisory position and continues to be actively involved in the company. As a result, we have no plans to replace him. In fact, we are actively working with Roberto to investigate collaboration opportunities."

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