Instreamatic Launches Contextual CTV Voice Ads 

Instreamatic, a voice and audio marketing solutions provider, has launched Contextual CTV Ads, a platform that combines Instreamatic's audio marketing technology and generative voice artificial intelligence to take the audio from a single ad and automatically create thousands of contextually targeted ad variations in minutes and at scale.

Contextual CTV Ads allow companies to include any context parameters unique to their businesses and relevant to individual viewers, including location, time of day, the name or type of the app or streaming platform being used, local partners or offers, promo codes, nearest locations, or daily events.

Advertisers can use their own voice talent or Instreamatic's diverse library of pre-approved voices. Contextual CTV Ads make it possible to hyper-personalize each ad and deliver ad sequences across campaigns that remember the context of previous interactions.

Instreamatic's AdVibe self-service dashboard enables advertisers to fully automate the creation of unlimited CTV ad creatives and use VAST tags to serve ads to the Instreamatic Ad Network or any demand-side platform. AdVibe provides complete ad activity reporting in real time, along with downloadable insight reports. The dashboard also enables unlimited A/B testing and creative updates, to ensure quality control and optimization across live contextual ad campaigns. Contextual CTV Ads, priced with a CPM model, fit into any existing workflow with no integration required.

"For consumers used to broadly targeted traditional ads, experiencing a Contextual CTV Ad is like shifting from black and white to color: there is a new, transformative attention-grabbing power and appeal when ads suddenly speak to you directly, in your moment," said Stas Tushinskiy, CEO of Instreamatic, in a statement. "Advertisers accustomed to massive budgets for painstakingly producing a small variety of ads over months can now create and deploy Contextual CTV Ads with cutting-edge quality at unlimited scale, automatically, and instantly. The result is a more personalized experience that captures consumers' engagement far more effectively, is delivered far faster, and costs magnitudes less to create and deploy. For brands and advertisers seeking better CTV ad performance, the ROI case is clear."

"Audio tracks play an especially critical role in CTV advertising. As consumers pick up their phones or go to the kitchen when a commercial comes on, audio is often the only connection to the audience," said Simon Dunlop, chief marketing officer of Instreamatic, in a statement. "Contextual CTV Ads have the power to recapture wavering attention by addressing consumers with context that means something to them, personally, even when their eyes aren't on the screen."

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