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October 2009

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A New Kind of House Call

Outbound messaging lets medical professionals enter the home in a whole new way.

Going Steady

How to get your vendor relationship off on the right foot.

Property of ??????????

Who owns a speech analytics application determines how the data is distributed.


Across the Digital Divide

A police department gains efficiency with digital recording and transcription software.

Multiple Means of Support

CosmoCom enables the University of Kentucky to support disparate healthcare operations.


Editor's Letter

Making an Emotional Connection

Forward Thinking

Crossing Species Boundaries

Identifying speech patterns in dairy cows challenges researchers.

Industry View

Pardon the Interruption

Speech remains unable to keep us focused on the task at hand.

Inside Outsourcing

Navigating TTS's Pitfalls

Data difficulties don't have to destroy TTS output.


All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go

IVR could be the weakest link in the communications chain.

Talking Tech

Hello... Are You Still There?

Harking back to a simpler day when phones were less advanced.

Voice Value

Speech in a Virtual World, Part II

Tagging items makes them easier for speech technologies to read.


Standards in the Voice User Interface

Why we need them, and where we can get them.

Speech Solutions

Interactive Virtual Agents and Avatars


Companies Can Create Digital Personality with Speech Technology

As customers gain greater power and impact on brands, companies need to use a variety of touchpoints to develop a digital personality.

Managed Services Get a Boost in the Down Economy

Mobility, unified communications, and VoIP top the list of technology investments.


Under-the-radar speech news/

Panel Dishes on the Advantages of Hosted, Managed, and SaaSed Speech

Four high-level executives from top hosted speech firms talk about what makes sense in hosting.

Panel Shows How to Run Speech Solutions in Lean Times

Two vendors explain how to squeeze a dime from a speech solution.

Speech Keeps Students Safe During Hurricane Season

New Caribbean clients are keeping students safe and informed with mass notification.

Speech Poised to Dominate the Mobile Market

Analyst Bill Meisel and designer Philip Hunter look to the future of speech in the mobile space and beyond.

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