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The travel and hospitality industries are finding new, innovative uses for speech technologies in every corner of the industry. See below for news and trends about companies that serve airlines, hotels, auto rentals, restaurants, rail services, bus line, travel agencies, logistics companies, and more.


The Top Speech Technologies and Vendors: The 2021 Speech Industry Awards

Advances in AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and more fueled speech industry progress in the past year.

2021 Speech Industry Award Winner: ReadSpeaker Gives a New Voice to TTS

ReadSpeaker has been leading the way in text-to-speech (TTS) for more than two decades, delivering high-quality, lifelike voices for artificial intelligence-driven conversational applications, interactive voice response systems, and embedded applications.

2021 Speech Industry Award Winner: SoundHound Feeds the Voice-Enabled Drive-Through

Speech technology has started to transform drive-through and drive-in interactions for quick-service restaurant chains, and Santa Clara, Calif.-based SoundHound is at the forefront of that innovation.

As Speech Translation Advances, Barriers Continue to Fall

Technology improvements have pushed speech translation out to a smaller world

The State of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

IVA vendors shift from a horizontal to a vertical focus

Would You Like Fries With That? Speech Technology at the Drive-Thru

McDonald's recent acquisition of Apprente was big news, but voice-ordering is nothing new to the world of fast-food. This move just goes to show how important speech technology will be in the future of QSRs.

Harman and IBM Watson Introduce Voice-Enabled Cognitive Rooms

Voice-enabled in-room concierge capabilities tap IBM Watson to deliver information and services in hotel, hospital, and conference rooms.

IBM and Hilton Field Test a Robot Concierge

Connie is Hilton's robot concierge that incorporates IBM's Watson cognitive computing and speech APIs to help hotel guests.

Honeywell Tests Voice Recognition in Plane Cockpits

Pilots will be able to use voice to perform some routine commands.

Star Performers: Jacada's Visual IVR Eases Customer Pain

The 2013 Implementation Awards

Speech-to-Speech Translators to Aid in Soccer Event

Ectaco shipped 1,500 iTRAVL devices to the Ukraine for use during the 2012 UEFA Championship.

SpeechTEK 2011 Theme: We're Drowning in Data

The state of speech analytics takes center stage at annual conference.

Nuance Powers a Reservations Self-Service System for US Airways

US Airways is the first domestic airline to offer an intelligent service experience through natural language understanding.

Loquendo TTS Powers Museum QR Codes

At Italian museums, visitors can now use their mobile phones as audio guides.

NICE Recording Technology to Bolster Security at DFW Airport

One of the world's busiest airports will add multiple solutions from NICE's broad security offering to its existing NICE implementation

SpeechCycle Launches SmartCare Mobile

The voice-enabled solution is the first customer care solution developed specifically for the smartphone.

Vlingo Voice-Enables Even More Tasks

The new ActionBar allows for integration with KAYAK, Fandano, and Open Table.

Broadspeak Releases a Speech-to-Speech Travel App for Android Phones

The company says the unique user interface will make communicating easier.

Future Apps Provides an Update for iSpeak Translator App

The update will allow users to translate three new languages.