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Speech technologies are becoming widely adopted in industrial settings such as manufacturing and warehouses. See below for news and trends about companies that offer speech solutions allowing industrial workers to send and receive verbal cues to guide them in everyday tasks.


2021 State of the Speech Technology Industry

The latest developments and trends in seven important sectors

The 2015 State of the Speech Technology Industry: Speech Engine

Speech Is Set to Dominate the Wearables Market

A voice interface opens a world of possibilities for wearable devices.

Honeywell Releases New Version of VoiceCatalyst

Vocollect VoiceCatalyst 2.1 makes it easier to implement voice picking in the warehouse.

StrikeForce and TradeHarbor Announce First "Three-Factor" Voice Verification Solution

The partnership has yielded a new level of cyber security assurance for online transactions.

Intermec Acquires Vocollect

The workforce-driven voice solutions provider will become part of Intermec's new Voice Solutions Business.

Vocollect Heralds The Voice-Enabled Warehouse

The company announces next-generation solutions that allow customers to solve business challenges across their distribution operations.

Defense Logistics Agency to Test Vangard Voice in Warehouse Operations

DLA awards the speech provider a contract to create a voice prototype solution for its worldwide supply chain.

Vangard Hits the Floors with New Shaw Industries Partnership

The enterprise voice solutions provider announces that it will be providing its MVP solution to Shaw Industries.

Vangard Extends Its Voice with Nuance Engine

Mobile Voice Platform leverages VoCon 3200 speech engine to voice-enable commercial and government activities.

Vangard Voice Systems Introduces Mobile Voice Platform

Mobile Voice Platform, powered by Vangard's Rapid Development Environment, extends to mobile applications anywhere across the enterprise.