Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

The 2014 Speech Luminaries

IBM Changes Gears on Watson

Big Blue brings Watson to customer service with the launch of Watson Engagement Advisor.

Expect Labs Analyzes Conversations in Real Time

MindMeld's underlying technology listens as you talk to ensure that information you need is always at your fingertips.

MicroAutomation and Voxeo Announce Strategic Partnership

MicroAutomation joins Voxeo's Preferred Professional Services Partner Program.

Industry Voices

Giving a Voice to the Developing World

Standards, mobile phones help bring the Web to resource-constrained areas

Why Hosting Is Part of Your Future

Ignore it at your own cost

Unify Communications Across Channels

Semantic parsing can mine a treasure trove of data

Listen Before You Leap

Speech Technology Reports and Research

Learn How to Create a Customer Service Funnel

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Beginners Guide to Customer Service Chatbots

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The Advanced Guide to Customer Service Chatbots

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Learn More About AI-Enabled, Analytics-Driven Quality Management!

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