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As speech technologies become a part of consumers' daily lives, they have begun to expect it in their retail experiences as well. See below for the latest news about companies that offer retailers an opportunity to improve customer service, and create a unique caller experience for their customers.


2021 State of the Speech Technology Industry

The latest developments and trends in seven important sectors

Marketers Need to Optimize for Voice Search

The voice channel presents unique opportunities and challenges for marketers

The State of Intelligent Virtual Assistants

IVA vendors shift from a horizontal to a vertical focus

The State of Artificial Intelligence

As AI becomes ubiquitous, voice technologies improve and expand into more areas

The Challenges of Monetizing Speech Applications

Speech applications are hot, but still provide more value than revenue. We talk to the experts about how to monetize your speech apps, and how value might be just as important as revenue.

What Consumers Like (or Don't) About Voice Shopping

OnBuy.com research takes look at the habits of voice shoppers. Find out what they're buying, what they like about the experience, and what they want to see in the future.

Embedding Speech Biometrics on Devices

Voice biometrics just might be the next great hope in securing data and other content. But as people use their mobile devices for more and more, embedding speech biometrics on these devices becomes more important

NXT-ID’s New Solution Enables Purchases Using Voice-Directed Payments

Technology provides two-factor authentication.

EasyAsk Releases Voice Shopper

New EasyAsk Voice Shopper lets customers query e-commerce sites with their voices.

The 2013 Implementation Awards

StrikeForce and TradeHarbor Announce First "Three-Factor" Voice Verification Solution

The partnership has yielded a new level of cyber security assurance for online transactions.

Guile 3D Studio Introduces Denise, the Virtual Assistant

This system combines computer graphics, artificial intelligence, voice recognition and other advanced technologies to perform a variety of tasks.

SpeechCycle Launches SmartCare Mobile

The voice-enabled solution is the first customer care solution developed specifically for the smartphone.

PCI Council Releases Supplemental Guidance for Protecting Telephone-Based Payment Card Data

New resource helps merchants and service providers understand and implement PCI DSS requirements for voice recordings.

Do More Last-Minute Holiday Shopping with Voice

Buy.com iPhone and iPod Touch app uses scanning and speech recognition for price comparisons in the store.

Vlingo Voice-Enables Even More Tasks

The new ActionBar allows for integration with KAYAK, Fandano, and Open Table.

Use Speech to Shop

Nuance will power aisle411, an app that let's users navigate a store using voice.

Avaya Launches Next-Generation Customer Service and Collaboration Applications

Avaya Aura Communications Platform powers new applications and redefines the economics of real-time businesses communications and collaboration.

VCG Launches Biometric Payments System

New service offers biometrically authorized payments via phone.

Victrio Launches Voice-Based Call Screening System

System creates voiceprint database to stop credit card fraud and identity theft.