EMMA Success Leads to New Challenges

GPS, data analysis top innovations list.

Talking to the World

Speech applications don't exist in a vacuum.

Discovering Multimodal Components

Wider use of apps offers broad potential

Automated Translation Saves Thousands

But proper implementation requires meticulous preparation

Giving a Voice to the Developing World

Standards, mobile phones help bring the Web to resource-constrained areas

Listen to the Voice of the Customer

HTML5 — The Last Best Hope for Voice and Video

The spec obviates proprietary plug-ins and promotes an open approach

Multimodal User Interfaces Supplanting Voice-Only Apps

Trend driven by statistical language models, speaker verification, video clips, and multilingual apps

Speech Drives Safety Solutions for Cars

Distractions like texting and navigation systems call for safer user interfaces, and the industry is responding

Speech Technology Satisfies Various Needs

Emergency Preparedness Is a Job for All

Court ruling in Los Angeles disabilities case teaches a broader lesson; speech-generating devices are one of several tools that could be employed

If This Passes, Only Criminals Could Do Speech Technology

Federal privacy bill would drive up compliance costs and inhibit market

Making a Case for IVR Hosting

Watson: Much Ado About Toronto

Jeopardy gaffe by IBM's intelligent speaking supercomputer underscores importance of resolving miscommunication

Making Modalities Play Nicely Together

The Multimodal Architecture and Interfaces specification opens door to collaborative multimodal apps

Unify Communications Across Channels

Semantic parsing can mine a treasure trove of data

Year of Speech Coming? It’s Already Here

Technical hurdles remain, but the technology has become ubiquitous

Spoken Web for the Developing World

Project lets rural denizens with no technical expertise create web of information using a simple phone and speech technology

Listen Before You Leap

On Speech We Can Agree

Passage of legislation heralds new opportunities for the disabled.