Media Standards for the Web: WebRTC and WebAudio

WebRTC and WebAudio add speed and simplicity.

Do Secure Communications Face a Machiavellian Future?

Competitors can cooperate—or scheme for domination.

Singing the Praise of Speech Recognition

Applications are out there—if you know where to look.

Listen to the Voice of the Customer

If It’s a Tornado, Just Text Me

Automated messaging must be highly relevant and user-specific

Automated Translation Saves Thousands

But proper implementation requires meticulous preparation

Giving a Voice to the Developing World

Standards, mobile phones help bring the Web to resource-constrained areas

Are You Ready for Mobility Care?

Tie app into the contact center to create seamless interactions across customer entry points

Irrationally Held Truths Take a Toll

When organizations make assumptions about customers, rather than collect real data, self-service applications suffer

The Rise of Proactive Customer Care

Anticipating needs delivers benefits in customer service, sales/marketing, and government

Speech Technology Satisfies Various Needs

Multimodal User Interfaces Supplanting Voice-Only Apps

Trend driven by statistical language models, speaker verification, video clips, and multilingual apps

Speech-Enhanced Customer Service Gets a New Look

Multichannel solutions meld proactive outbound alerts and notifications with inbound capabilities

Emergency Preparedness Is a Job for All

Court ruling in Los Angeles disabilities case teaches a broader lesson; speech-generating devices are one of several tools that could be employed

Making a Case for IVR Hosting

Spring-Cleaning or a New House? Voice User Interface Designers Can Help

How to sort out requirements for outsourcing your IVR

Unify Communications Across Channels

Semantic parsing can mine a treasure trove of data

Why Hosting Is Part of Your Future

Ignore it at your own cost

Listen Before You Leap

Year of Speech Coming? It’s Already Here

Technical hurdles remain, but the technology has become ubiquitous